Hindi in North India

Places of Worship

Two modestly-dressed women talking in the street, wearing headscarfs

Daily worship is still a large part of everyday life in India, although slightly more so in small communities than in cities. Every neighborhood contains many temples. Worshippers must either leave their shoes outside or check them, and heads must be covered. Sometimes there is a person outside the temple handing out handkerchieves. One must always wear pants or a long skirt since it is important that legs be covered. Stockings, shorts or short skirts are inappropriate as are shirts with straps, plunging necklines, and other tight-fitting garments. When entering a temple, one must bow out of respect; it is not necessary to give money. Tourists who want to take pictures inside the temple should be sensitive to the ambiance before doing so. It is wise to check with whoever is in charge before assuming photography is permitted.


  • "Preparing to Enter a Place of Worship"
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  • "Inside a Place of Worship"
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