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Local Transportation

A red bus

The local bus is a very accessible and convenient method of transportation in all Greek cities and towns. Local buses have designated routes, identifiable by number. A passenger pays with a ticket that is purchased from a ticket booth near the bus stop or from a periptero . Buses run from very early in the morning until approximately 2:00 a.m. although with less frequency in the later hours. It is useful to ask bus drivers for help with directions. In addition to operating on the mainland, there are fully operating bus services on the larger islands in Greece.

Athens has a comprehensive subway system whose final stop is an inter-city train station where passengers can transfer for destinations out of the city. Once down in the subway, one can purchase tickets from a vendor or a machine. Tickets must be stamped by a validating machine before the rider gets on the subway. The stamp will include the time and will be valid for several hours. Subway tickets can be used on other trains but are not valid for the bus. Trains start running at 6:00 a.m. and generally run until midnight.


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