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Household Goods

People shopping for clothes

There are a few small malls in Greece, but malls do not yet enjoy the popularity that they do in some other countries. In each major city, there is a small district of international designer boutiques. Less expensive clothing stores can be found in each of the neighborhoods. Before shopping for clothing, furniture, or electronic equipment, one should ask a resident for suggestions as to where the best merchandise and fairest prices can be found. Each neighborhood also has its own stores for furniture, toys, and miscellaneous household goods.

There are many, locally-owned bookstores in the cities. Another common convenience is the small booth called a periptero, which sells newspapers, cigarettes, bus tickets, beverages and snacks. Tourist shops that sell maps, souvenirs and post cards are easy to find on the islands, near ports and in all cities and towns.

Hand crafted items are sold in small shops in the cities and villages; however, it is better to shop in the city or village where the production is the most well-known. Clothing is sold at open markets, but the more desirable items are carpets, fabrics and beautifully embroidered items.