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The lit-up front of a cinema at night

In Greece, there is entertainment suited to any age or taste. In the cities, there are nightclubs that open at about 11:00 p.m. and stay open until dawn. These clubs feature Greek and British pop music as well as techno-pop and house music. There is always dancing in these clubs, and no food is served. For those seeking more traditional music, there are clubs that feature bouzukia, traditional Greek music appropriate for dancing. These clubs are frequented by Greeks of all ages, but generally there is an older clientele than at the night clubs.

Bars are a large part of the night life of cities and larger towns. Designed like very fancy cafeterias, during the day they predominantly serve coffee. Around late afternoon, the function of the room changes, and liquor is served. Bars do not often feature live music, although one will occasionally find a piano bar. In the villages, pubs serve as smaller, less formal versions of the bars. Socializing can also be done at the tavernas, which are local restaurants that also serve alcohol. On the islands, it is common for any eating or drinking spot to turn into a place to dance. One can drink and visit with friends at pubs and tavernas or night clubs on the larger, more popular islands.

Movie theatres are all over the cities and there is at least one in each village or town. Generally, there is a period of one or two months between a film's being released in the United States and its arrival in Greece. Cities in Greece offer the cultural opportunities of all European cities with international theatre, classical music and dance events, as well as many museums and historic sites.


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