Greek in Greece


A sign displaying times

In Greece, a traveler will encounter both the 12- and 24-hour clocks. When time is spoken about, the 12-hour clock is used. When time is written, one is more likely to see the 24-hour clock. One would say "I am leaving at 2:15 this afternoon;" however, the bus schedule might read "departure time: 14:15."

In social situations, exact punctuality is not necessary. It is acceptable, when keeping a social engagement, to arrive within a half-hour of the appointed time. To come any later would be considered rude. For professional and academic appointments, it is important to be on time.

The pace of life in Greece is leisurely. Although everything gets done, it might get done at a slower pace. It is important for the traveler to understand this and to guard against impatience. On the one hand, it is not common for there to be delays in public transportation schedules - such as for buses and trains. On the other hand, Greece is chosen widely as an ideal vacation spot, not only for the history and physical beauty of the country, but also for a tempo that allows visitors to truly relax.