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Bus Transportation

A bus

There are two types of buses - local and inter-city. There is generally a central station in larger towns while smaller towns will have only bus stops. The main destinations are listed on a sign in the front left window of the bus. Bus schedules are available; however, given that bus companies frequently go out of business, passengers must read carefully to ensure that the bus and bus company that they want is still running.

Tickets for inter-city buses may be purchased from the driver or at the bus station. Most people pay the driver. Passengers get on in the front and get off through the middle doors. Local bus tickets must be purchased and validated at the station's validating machine before getting on the bus. The conductor may ask to see the validated ticket, so the rider should keep it until the ride is over. One can keep a few tickets on hand for convenience; tickets are good until validated. These tickets can be used on buses, trams, the subway or any combination thereof.


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