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Food Shopping

People shopping at an open air market

A few of the open markets carry only food, but most offer everything from fruits and vegetables to clothing and puppets. Customers choose their own produce without help from the clerk. There is no bargaining; all prices are fixed. The local market offers less expensive fare. One might find everything from tee-shirts to alcohol (of questionable quality - buyer beware!) to detergent and books. The goods are of relatively low quality. These markets occur once a week in small towns, and sellers move from town to town.

Large supermarkets carry a wide array of fresh produce, meats, bread, as well as toiletries, detergents, and cleaning supplies. One may also choose to frequent small specialty stores - a bread store for bread, etc.
In all instances, bring a bag from home or be prepared to pay for a new one. Use of a shopping cart at any of these stores requires depositing a coin in the lock on the cart. When the cart is returned, so is the coin.


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