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Eating Out

A restaurant front with the name Fantova Kavárna

When eating out, one usually enjoys drinks and appetizers before ordering the rest of the meal. The atmosphere is relaxed; some people may come only for drinks. There is no pressure to hurry in Czech restaurants, so dinners can be enjoyed in a leisurely fashion.

The menu is predominantly "á la carte," so it is necessary to order, for instance, vegetables seperately from the meat. While tap water is safe to drink, it so highly chlorinated that often waiters say that tap water is not available; in this case, bottled water must be ordered.

At the end of the meal, the check will usually be brought to the man of the party. Payment is made to either the waitperson or maitre d'. Although credit cards may be accepted in a fancy restaurant, cash is normally expected. A small tip is not necessary, but much appreciated if the service has been good.



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  • "I am ready to pay."

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