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Traveling by Bus

People boarding a bus

Local buses are generally not scheduled but run 15-30 minutes apart; one waits for them at bus stops are marked by signs. Route information can only be found at central bus stations; there are no printed schedules. When taking the local bus, one enters through the back door to buy a ticket from the person in the ticket cubicle. Those who have passes can board through the front door of the bus. Passes are only for sale at the central station, but are not usually available to non-residents.

Buses that travel between towns and cities board at the local bus station. Check the bus station for schedules and routes. Tickets may be purchased in the station, but it is often cheaper to buy the ticket from the driver. On inter-city/long distance buses, one gets on at the front of the bus. There are no reserved seats; buses are sometimes crowded, and it is not unusual to have to stand even for long distance trips.


  • "Phoning for a Bus Schedule"
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