Bulgarian in Bulgaria

At the Airport

An airport

The airport in Sofia is convenient for American travelers since all signs have English translations. Recent renovations allow both visitors and passengers access to the ticketing and check-in area as well as to the lovely, new cafe.
Prior to boarding, ticketed passengers go through security and customs checkpoints. Passengers with nothing to declare follow the "green zone" signs. The "red zone" signs are for those with something to declare. Duty-free shops are located in the waiting area beyond customs. Depending on the flight, passengers either board at the gate or use shuttles to take them to the plane on the runway.

There are several ways to get to and from the airport. Although public transportation is inexpensive, it is also the most unreliable option. The number 84 bus is the sole bus between the airport and the center of the city and takes almost a 1.5 hours each way. Taxis are the best solution as the airport can be reached in about twenty minutes. However, be aware the "special" rates may be charged to unsuspecting foreign visitors - one should negotiate the price before the ride. A rental car is also a possibility as long as the rental company has an office at the airport.