Bulgarian in Bulgaria

The Internet

A sign that reads 'Internet Club'

There are a numerous Internet cafes and clubs throughout Bulgaria. Size varies as does the availability of food and drink, although all facilities are relatively inexpensive. Some are open up to 24 hours and generally run by English-speaking employees.

A Few Internet Links:

  • BOL.BG   A Bulgarian Internet service provider
  • Capital   Weekly newspaper with commentary--in Bulgarian and English
  • Zone 168   Popular daily newspaper
  •   Bulgarian Directory


  • Internet studio sign showing the hours it is open
    This Internet studio door sign lists times of operation: open from 10 until 24, seven days a week.
  • Price list for an internet club
    This price list indicates costs broken down into 15 minute intervals. Amounts are given in both "old" and the new Bulgarian currency.
  • Inside of an internet club
    The inside of an internet club that allows refreshments
  • Receipt for use of internet club services
    This receipt for Internet usage shows the beginning and ending time of the session. The total amount to be paid appears in the bottom right-hand corner.