Bangla in Bangladesh


A triangular sign for a hotel

One is encouraged to carry a copy of emergency numbers for ambulance and police in a wallet since these numbers are not necessarily posted anywhere near public phones. When it is possible, people rely on one another to reach the hospital in an emergency. Since traffic is so bad in the cities, it is best if one can get a ride to the emergency room. However, in the event that the accident is too severe, one can call the hospital to send an ambulance. Hopefully, a traveler will have a resident of Bangladesh along in order to help speed up the process of being seen by a doctor at one of the overcrowded and understaffed hospitals. For minor ailments, it is best to go to one of the many neighborhood clinics or to a private doctor's office, where one will be treated fairly inexpensively.

In the case of a crime, one should call the police. The most common crime is theft; therefore, when at the market, on a bus or in a rickshaw, one should never carry much cash or any valuables and also should avoid wearing precious jewelry. Women are cautioned to never go out at night alone.