Verbs and Verb Conjugation

  • Conjugating Past-Tense Verbs in Arabic الفعل الماضي 
  • Conjugating Present-tense verbs in Colloquial and Standard Arabic الفعل المضارع 
  • Conjugating "to be" in the past tense with the verb 'kaana' كانَ 
  • Conjugating ‫High-Frequency‬ "hollow verbs" in the Past Tense 
  • Conjugating Verbs in the Future in Modern Standard and Colloquial Arabic 
  • Variant ‬Present Tense Verb Forms in Modern Standard Arabic المضارع بالعربية الفصحى 
  • Expressing "to want" in Egyptian and Levantine Arabic 
  • Expressing 'to have' in Arabic