Study Guide 3

Media Arabic, Meetings and Conferences, Part 3

Practice Exercises

  • Section 7 pp. 34-35: Continue learning to discern the bias of a news report by distinguishing the author's attitude and focus and paying attention to loaded language. Read the second set of excerpts and compare them to each other by answering the questions.
  • Find two news reports in two different Arabic news sources on the same meeting or conference. Read them carefully and then write a brief article (2 paragraphs) comparing the two reports. Comment on the word choices, attitudes, and particular focus of each report.
  • Memorize the vocabulary from pp. 15-19 of the Kendall book.
  • Prepare a paragraph-long news report to present orally in your conversation session using the vocabulary from pp. 15-19 in the Kendall book.
  • Complete the GLOSS online language lesson "A Phone Conversation Between Two Presidents" ( to develop your listening skills.
  • Prepare to report on the audio news segment from the GLOSS lesson in your conversation session.
  • Prepare to relate the top three headlines of the week in your conversation session.

Homework to Hand in

  • Section 7, questions 1-3, pp. 34-35
  • Article comparing the two articles from different news sources (2 paragraphs)

Self Assessment

  • I have completed Part 3 of "Meetings and Conferences," pp. 34-35.
  • I have practiced discerning an author's bias and exploring his or her particular approach and attitude.
  • I am able to write an article commenting on the biases found in two differing news reports on the same meeting or conference.
  • I have memorized the vocabulary from the Kendall book, pp. 15-19.
  • I am able to prepare a news report to present orally.
  • I have exercised my listening skills by completing a series of exercises on an audio report on a conversation between two presidents.
  • I consistently skim Arabic newspapers and can determine and relate the most important headlines.

Conversation Session Partner Guide

  • Have the students report the top three headlines of the week.

  • Have the students present their paragraph-long news reports using the vocabulary from the Kendall book, pp. 15-19.
  • Have the students watch a news segment, and then ask them questions to test their comprehension. Show them the segment again until they understand it.