Guide 20

Learning Goals

  • Review the material in 6-10 topics and 11-19 modules
  • Evaluate your Competencies by practicing the Situation Dialogues.


  • Review the Self-Assessment points in Guides 11-19. Work on any points with which you are not yet confident.
  • Review the Conversation Session Preparation lists and Conversation Partner Guide instructions for Guides 11-19.
  • Make a list for yourself of the important cultural concepts you learned in these modules.
  • Review all the vocabulary in topics 6-10 and all assigned core vocabulary in Guides 11-19.
  • Review the grammar points and notes for Guides 11-19.
  • Practice speaking and writing dialogues using the phrases and vocabulary you have learned.
  • Test yourself using the various, random vocabulary and grammar exercises included in Guides 11-19.

Assess yourself as to whether you have mastered the primary goals of the 11-19 modules

  • To be able to shop and bargain for items
  • To be able to communicate and make phone calls, to order and make an international phone calls, to send mail and parcels
  • To be able to ask and respond to questions about health, illness, and to report an emergency
  • To be able to discuss social topics, to extend and respond to invitations
  • To be able to give and respond to compliments, and discuss one’s emotional state
  • To be able to discuss job-related functions, one’s occupation, and hobbies

Situation Dialogues for Extra Practice

  • Situation # 1: You would like to buy a fan for your room. Knowing that you cannot return purchased merchandise to the store or to the market, make sure that your fan is working properly. Do not forget to bargain!!!
  • Situation # 2: You wake up in the morning and your throat hurts. Go to the hospital and tell your doctor exactly how you feel. Also, ask your doctor what kind of medicine you need to buy at the market.
  • Situation # 3: Once again you have been invited to a wedding. Tell your friend about your experiences at Turkmen weddings, how it is different from the ones in your country, and share your impressions.
  • Situation # 4: Call and invite your friend to have dinner with you at a restaurant. Decide where you will go, and what would you like to order. Tell/ask your friend three or four things s/he needs to know.
  • Situation # 5: You know some who is going to be working in Turkmenistan. Share your knowledge of socio-cultural advantages and disadvantages for an American in Turkmenistan. Let him or her know your opinion of the issues discussed.