Module 13

Study Goals

  • Active use of vocabulary in Gaye Chapter IV, pp. 81-84
  • Active use of the grammatical concepts in section III, pp. 73-77
  • Completion of exercises in sections V-VI

Getting Started

  • Review the dialogues on pp. 69-72.
  • Review the grammatical concepts on pp. 73-77.

Practice Exercises

  • Complete the exercises in section V, p. 79.
  • Complete the exercises in section VI, p. 80.

Culture Capsule

Conversation Session Preparation

  • Be prepared to determine whether situations created by your conversation partner would call for informal or formal vocabulary and forms when asking directions.
  • Create situations yourself in which you change characters and in doing so go from formal to informal and vice versa.
  • Be prepared to discuss money with your classmates and to create role play situations in which money and the counting of money is central.


  • I can actively use the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter IV, pp. 81-84.
  • I am comfortable giving and receiving directions in both formal and informal situations.
  • I am comfortable in my ability to discern whether a situation is formal or informal.
  • I know that I can function with money and with counting in Wolof.
  • I understand and can use actively the grammatical concepts of Chapter IV.
  • Submit self-assessment report as requilred by your course syllabus or program.