Module 1

Study Goals

  • Familiarization with textbook and website
  • Comfort with pronunciation of sounds in Wolof
  • Memorization of the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter I, pp. 14-17
  • Understanding of Chapter I, sections I and II
  • Basic understanding of greetings

Getting Started

  • Listen to the pronunciation of sounds in Wolof.
  • Read and listen to the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter I, pp. 14-17.

Practice Exercises

  • Listen to the pronunciation of sounds in Wolof and repeat the pronunciation until you can say the words without first listening to the audio.
  • Read, listen to, repeat and memorize the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter I, pp. 14-17.
  • Read through section I about greetings on pp. 1-3. Identify familiar vocabulary and note how it is used.
  • Memorize the useful phrases in section I and practice creating new sentences with the vocabulary you have learned.
  • Read and listen to both dialogues in section II, pp. 4-6. Memorize one or two of the parts in the dialogues.

Culture Capsule

  • LangMedia,Wolof and French in Senegal Greetings and Partings
    • "Hello, how is your family?"
    • "Hello, what is your last name?"

Conversation Session Preparation

  • Practice your pronunciation so that you can illustrate your pronunciation knowledge.
  • Be ready to take various roles in the 2 dialogues and act them out with classmates.
  • Be prepared to role play various greeting situations created by your conversation partner.


  • I am familiar with the Wolof textbook.
  • I am confident in my pronunciation.
  • I am in the process of memorizing the Chapter I vocabulary.
  • I have memorized various roles from the dialogues in section II.
  • I can perform basic greetings.
  • Submit self-assessment report as required by your course syllabus or program.