Alfabe by Çetin Altan - T


Hımm... Enfes yemekler...

tahin helvası - sesame oil halvah
tatar böreği - flaky pastry

turşu - pickle
tas kebabı
tarhana - a dried food stuff made from tomatoes, peppers, spices, bulgur (or dough) and milk (or yoghurt), and a kind of soup made from this

tavukgöğsü - dessert made from chicken breast and milk
tarama - a spread made with fish return
tulumba tatlısı - a kind of sweet pastry
tel kadayıf - a kind of sweet pastry
tavuk çorbası - chicken soup
taze fasulye - green beans and a popular dish made from green beans
türlü - stew
testi - kebabı
tandır - meat dish cooked in an oven consisting of a clay-Iined pit or a large earthen jar buried in the round
talaş kebabı
turta - pie