Alfabe by Çetin Altan - G


atasözü - proverb (ata means anoestor_ progenitor; söz means saying. Therefore atasözü means 'saying from ancestor.'
harf - letter
kaptan - shipmaster
gönül - heart (not in the physical sense, but more emotionally - closer to love in meaning). There are many idioms with gönül. such as 'gönül rahatlığı' meaning with contentment, or 'gönül vermek' meaning to fall in love with.
direk - column
kapak - cover
katlanmak - to be folded (katlamak - to fold) or to endure or tolerate
aldanmak - to be deceived (aldatmak - to deceive)
balçık - wet clay
sıvanmak - to be plastered (sıvamak - to plaster)
gütmek - to watch over (sheep or goat)
davar - sheep or goat, or a herd of either of them
ıslık - whistle