How do I prepare for the start of the semester?

Order your Textbook!

Order your textbook one or two months before the start of the semester. You will be given textbook ordering information when you register. Textbooks need to be ordered online. If you have questions or difficulties ordering the text, contact your course organizer as soon as possible for assistance (Theo Hull at or 413-542-5264).
Late Enrollments: If you enroll late, order your textbook immediately and contact your course organizer about how to prepare for sessions until your textbook arrives.

Find your Syllabus

Course syllabi are housed on the LangMedia website. The primary web address for this website is: There are individual links for each language. Find your Arabic course and level. This page has syllabi from the most recently offered Arabic courses. Syllabi for the upcoming semester will be posted on LangMedia a week or two before the semester starts. Course formats and requirements vary by semester, so you will need to study your up-to-date syllabus when it is issued.

Prepare for your First Session

Before attending your first session you need to find your syllabus online and follow the instructions on the syllabus to prepare for the first session. You are expected to attend the first session prepared.

Verify When and Where your First Session Meets

You will receive schedule information as part of your enrollment process. If you are unclear about when your sessions meet, contact your course organizer as soon as possible. Room assignment information will be posted right before the start of the semester. Your course organizer will send you a special link to access room assignment information. If you have questions about where your sessions will meet, contact your course organizer as soon as possible. Your course organizer is Theo Hull, Program Assistant for FCCSWL. They can be reached at or 413-542-5264.

After your Session: Submit your Self-Assessments

10% of your final grade is based on weekly submission of self-assessment reports. You should submit your self-assessment as soon as possible after each week's conversation session and no later than 9am on the following Monday (you get the weekend as a grace period in case you forget). The theme of each week's self-assessment varies and is designed to help students develop efficient language learning strategies and to let the FCCSWL office know about any academic or logistical issues that need attention. Self-assessments need not be long. Some students choose to write a lot, others just a sentence or two. You get full credit for assessments turned in on time, but only partial credit for late assessemnts. Your course organizer will send you a special online link to self-assesments at the beginning of the semester.