Sample Study Plan for Intermediate

Day 1

  • Read the week’s lesson: highlight, takes notes, write down questions. (20 minutes)
  • Make flashcards for all new vocabulary words. (20 minutes)
  • Choose several flashcards, and say a sentence aloud for each word. (10 minutes)
  • Choose different flashcards, and write out a sentence for each word. (10 minutes)

Day 2

  • Act out both parts of a dialogue from your book. Repeat at least once. (15 minutes)
  • Listen to all audio and/or videos for the lesson, repeating as needed. (15 minutes)
  • Browse a shopping website in the language. Look up any new words. (15 minutes)
  • Make grammar flashcards if desired, or create sentences that use new grammar. (15 minutes)

Day 3

  • Watch a TV show in the language without, then with, subtitles. (15 minutes)
  • Review flashcards for all new vocabulary words. (15 minutes)
  • Create a dialogue of your own. Write it out, then recite it without looking. (20 minutes)
  • Review grammar flashcards or sentences from Day 2. Then, create new sentences orally without looking at notes. (10 minutes)

Day 4

  • Review all flashcards from this week and previous weeks. (20 minutes)
  • Watch the same TV show. Choose a character to follow closely. Pause the show after they speak and reply to what they say, or comment on their actions aloud. (20 minutes)
  • Listen to several audio tracks. Record yourself saying the same thing, and compare with the native speaker. Repeat. (20 minutes)

Day 5

  • Listen to all audio for the lesson, repeating after each section. (15 minutes)
  • Find a short article online. Read it several times. Look up new words. (20 minutes)
  • Act out the dialogue from Day 2 or 3. Add extra lines orally without using notes. (15 minutes)
  • Practice handwriting by writing a short paragraph on a topic of your choice. (10 minutes)

Day 6

  • Review all flashcards. (15 minutes)
  • Watch a Youtube or other video. Note any new words or questions you have. (15 minutes)
  • Choose one topic (person, event, cultural practice) and say everything you can about it without looking at notes. (15 minutes)
  • Reread all materials for the lesson. Make sure you did not miss anything. (5 minutes)
  • Compile questions for your conversation partner. (10 minutes)