Sample Study Plan for Beginners

Day 1

  • Read the week’s lesson: highlight key points, take notes, write down questions. (15 minutes)
  • Vocabulary: Pick 10 new words. Say one sentence aloud that includes each word. (5 minutes)
  • Make flashcards for all new vocabulary words. (20 minutes)
  • Listen to textbook audio files. Try to repeat each phrase or sentences out loud. (15 minutes)
  • Practice saying short sentences based on the lesson. Imagine scenarios in which you could use the vocabulary, like greeting someone or going to the market, and think of all the things you might say in those situations. (5 minutes)

Day 2

  • Practice flashcards made yesterday. Sound out each word as it comes up. (15 minutes)
  • Grammar: Copy down examples of new grammar, then write sentences of your own. (If learning a new script: write down words in the script, and say full sentences aloud.) (15 minutes)
  • Read a dialogue from the book aloud. Listen to the audio track of the dialogue. Read the dialogue aloud while recording yourself. Listen to the dialogue again. Repeat. (15 minutes)
  • Take the dialogue and try to imagine it in different situations. Say it out loud with the differences. If it is about greetings, for example, say it out loud with changes for different scenarios, such as greeting older or younger people, or men and women.  (15 minutes)*

Day 3

  • Practice all flashcards made so far. (20 minutes)
  • Create your own dialogue. Write lines down first, then act it out without looking. (15 minutes)
  • Find pronunciations of words not in your audio files. Use or Youtube. (15 minutes)
  • Writing/script: Write sentences on this lesson or previous lesson topics. (10 minutes)

Day 4

  • Listen to all audio files for the lesson. Repeat each phrase or sentence out loud. (15 minutes)
  • Review flashcards. (15 minutes)
  • Review grammar from the lesson, and make Flashcards for Grammar if desired. (20 minutes)
  • Choose a few flashcards, and say several sentences aloud that include each word. (10 minutes)

Day 5

  • Try to use the words and vocabulary you know to tell a story out loud. It can be very basic (something like “this is a man, his name is Tom, he is from Pennsylvania”). Try to tell as many stories as you can. (15 minutes)
  • Use backchaining to pronounce the hardest words on your vocabulary list. (15 minutes)
  • Choose any category (people, food, transportation, etc) and say all words you know in that category without looking at your notes or book. (15 minutes)
  • Reread the dialogue you created on Day 3 and continue it in writing. (15 minutes)

Day 6

  • Review flashcards. (15 minutes)
  • Record yourself speaking, listen, and record yourself again to hone pronunciation. (15 minutes)
  • Watch a TV show or Youtube video. Listen for phrases such as “hello” and “how are you” and others that you can understand. Focus on the way the characters say them and try to imitate them. (20 minutes)
  • Write down questions for your conversation partner. (10 minutes)