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TV, Radio, News and Communication

  • Rai Major public TV group in Italy.
  • Mediaset Major private TV group. This is a link to the channels' webpages as well as to their respective on line television news.
  • MTV Italia The favourite music television also in Italy.
  • Radio Italia Major Italian radio station broadcasting only Italian music.
  • Radio Deejay Major Italian radio station, one of the favourite by young people.
  • Radio Capital Another major Italian radio station.
  • Internazionale Links to a huge selection of Italian national and regional newspapers as well as main magazines on culture, society, politics, economy, arts and so on.
  • Cnn Italia Italian website of CNN; news mainly from Italy, but from Europe and the rest of the world as well.
  • Poste Italiane Office website of the Italian postal service.


  • Ferrovie dello Stato Website of the Italian state train system.
  • Aeroporti Italiani Information about all Italian airports, airlines they serve, tickets.
  • Alitalia Major Italian airline.
  • Traghetti Website for those who need to travel by ferry. Information about main companies, routes, schedules and fares.
  • Italybus Information regarding bus lines on the whole national territory.
  • Societa' Autostrade All you need to know when you drive up and down Italy on the motorway network.


  • Miur Website of the Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca Scientifica, the Department of Education. Here you can find official information about schools, regulations, and the undergoing reforms. From here you can also access the websites of all Italian Universities and professional schools of music and the arts.
  • La scuola italiana Website for students created by the Department of Education. Information about the school system, universities, students' life and opportunities.
  • Studenti A students' website containing links to secondary and university education, job opportunities, careers, but also music, cinema, leisure and more.
  • Accademia della Crusca The oldest and most prestigious Academy for the study and the preservation of the Italian language.
  • Sapere On-line general encyclopedia; includes categories such as Science, Techonology, Earth and Universe, History and Civilization, Literature and Arts, Sport and Hobby and much more.


  • Museums by Region All Italian Museums listed by region.
  • Musei Vaticani Museums in the Vatican City.
  • Musei on line Links to all Italian museums, exhibitions, events.
  • Art on line On-line art magazine with information about events, exhibitions, inaugurations, reviews.
  • Biennale di Venezia The Biennale is an interdisciplinary Cultural Society concerned with visual arts, architecture, dance, music, theatre and cinema, with the organization of exhibitions and live performances.
  • Carnival of Venice Official website of the Carnival of Venice.
  • Leggende Italiane Websites containing the most popular and known legends of each Italian region.

Music and Cinema

  • Musica Italiana A website for Italian music, artists, shopping on-line.
  • Sanremo Everything about the famous Festival of the Italian song held every year in the city of Sanremo: artists, presenters, guests, previous editions and winners.
  • La Scala Website of the prestigious theater in Milan, La Scala.
  • Arena di Verona Events and Calendar at the Arena di Verona.
  • Opera Base For lovers of opera, all the necessary information about what to see, where and when.
  • Umbria Jazz Website of the most famous jazz festival in Italy.
  • Pistoia Blues Website of the most famous blues festival in Italy.
  • Cinema Everything about Italian cinema, movies, directors, actors.
  • Cinecittà The Italian production center in Rome.
  • Anica Italian cinema on-line, links to distribution houses and other websites dedicated to cinema.

Tourism and Travel

  • Centro Turistico Studentesco A student travel agency, for flight reservations, last minute vacations, holiday packets and much more.
  • Ente Nazionale Italiano per il Turismo Italian State Tourist board, information about arts, nature, history, leisure, festival and events in Italy. Links to regions, provinces and towns websites.
  • Touring Club Italiano The most popular club providing tourist information, publications, travels for all ages.
  • AZ Viaggiare Provide information about campings, bed and breakfast and agriturismi in every Italian region.
  • Wonderful Italy Information about everything a tourist could need: agriturismo, travel agencies, Bed and Breakfast, hotels, youth hostels, events, itineraries, museums, shopping and much more.

Food and Cuisine

  • Ristoranti Searching Engine for restaurants, pizzerie, trattorie, ragional cuisine.
  • Dove andiamo a cena? On-line guide to Restaurants by region or by specialty (meat, regional, fish, pizza, ethnic, vegetarian).
  • Scuola di Cucina Interesting website about cooking and eating in Italy. It contains information about gastronomical traditions, galateo, and especially recipes.
  • Mangiarebene Another great website dedicated to cooking, recipes, conservation of foods, gastronomical events all around Italy.
  • Italian Cuisine A guide to Italian cuisine, its history, and its regional diversity.
  • Dolcitalia Recipes for desserts, cakes, cookies and other Italian specialties.
  • Heavenly Tiramisu The best recipes of your favourite Italian dessert.
  • Gambero Rosso Known Italian magazine about Italian food, wine and cuisine, including list of the best Italian restaurants and recipes.
  • Vino on line Everything about wine.


  • Camera della Moda Official Site of the National Fashion Board. It contains the calendar of Italian Fashion events, plus the list of its associates.
  • Moda Milano The official website of the Trade Exhibit of the same name, held in Milano. Information on collections, designers, press releases, events tied to the exhibit.
  • Moda Italia Everything about Italian Fashion and stylists.
  • Moda News about fashion, stylists, collections, shows, models, photographers.


  • Lega Calcio Official website of the Italian professional soccer league. Information about championshiop, games, teams, players.
  • Calciatori Everything about soccer, soccer players and Italian teams.
  • Forza Azzurri Official Website of the National Soccer Team.
  • Lega Basket Official website of the Italian professional basketball league.
  • Lega PallavoloOfficial website of the Italian professional volleyball league.
  • Formula Uno Website of the car racing Formula One championship.
  • Ferrari Official website of the Ferrari team.

Italy, Europe and the Euro

  • Governo Italiano Official website of the Italian Government.
  • Parlamento Italiano Official website of the Italian Parlamentand its Chamber of Deputies and Senate, what they are, who are their members and what they do.
  • Santa Sede Official website of the Holy See.
  • Chiesa Cattolica Official website of the Catholic Church.
  • Europa Website dedicated to the European Union, its activities, institutions, publications and so on.
  • L'Euro Website dedicated to the new European currency.

Italian Embassy and Consulates in the US

Italian Language

  • About Italian What you need to know about Italian Language, dialects, games, grammar, verbs and more.
  • Filastrocche Jokes, songs, counts, fairy tales, riddles, lullabies, proverbs and much more.
  • Italian Tounge Twister A website with Italian "scioglilingua" and their translation.
  • Aenigmatica An entire website dedicated to crosswords.

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