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Everyday Norwegian: "Magnus - Del 1"

Question Set 4 (fill in the blanks)

Note: Do not leave blank spaces before or after an answer. If an answer consists of more than one word leave blank spaces between the words. Answers that should be capitalized will be marked as incorrect if not capitalized (or vice versa). The first word of an answer to a question should be capitalized whether or not a full sentence follows (such as "Ja" or "Nei"). Write numbers as words not as numerals. Click on the link Typing Special Characters in Norwegian to open a separate window with instructions for forming special characters or accents. Please be aware that the answer checking feature may not work properly on some computers or older web browsers especially when an answer contains special characters or accents.

1. Når Magnus går på skolen pleier han å komme veldig .

2. Etter tredje time har de .

3. På fredager pleier Magnus å ha med seg hjem.

4. Kameraten til Magnus , hvis det passer for ham.

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