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Media Arabic Study Guides

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Guide to Arabic Media Sources Online      

This guide is for students enrolled in Media Arabic courses through the Five College Mentored Arabic Program. It is not a comprehensive guide to Arabic media, but provides starting points for students to explore Arabic media and to help mentors choose media sources to use when working with students.

Comprehensive Lists of Arabic Media Sources - a comprehensive directory of newspapers, radio, TV, video, movies, and music online

Arab Press Network - a full list of the press in each Arabic country

A Sample of Online Newspapers by Country

Watching and Listening Online

Audio and video media are challenging to use for language study because the content changes frequently and is often taken offline before students and mentors have enough time to work with the material. The sources listed below have proved to be useful for language study because they contain some content that remains stable for one or two weeks at a time.

BBC Arabic

CNN in Arabic

Links to videos or audio interviews from Al Jazeera’s various regular programs are stable for weeks at a time, but only four of the programs are available on any given day; transcripts are provided.

Al-Jazeera Archive of Regular Programs
This page has links to archives of all the regular programs (usually interviews of roughly 50 minutes) and many other videos.