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Ferry Service

A view of a white ferry, with life preservers along the side

Another travel option is the ferry, which offers service connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, as well as transportation up and down the coast to selected ports. It is most common in Izmir and Istanbul. The advantage of the ferry is that it is much quicker than taking the bus, which can get held up in heavy traffic. It is also refreshing to have a little sea breeze on a busy day. Passengers can purchase ferry tokens at the dock and may bring bicycles and luggage on board with them. A tea shop sells refreshments. For those seeking the most rapid passage, a water dolmus is the best option; one can find them near the ferry port.
When traveling by car to Istanbul, auto ferries and auto hydro-seabuses are also available on the Marmor Sea and can reduce travel time as much as two hours.


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