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A person shopping in a clothing store

Turkey offers shopping options that range from the traditional open market (bazaar) to the modern mall. Prices, quality and customs vary depending on the setting. The bazaar usually occurs once a week or more often in the case of some of the larger and famous bazaars. Here one can purchase linens, clothing, shoes, household items, detergents, rugs and handmade arts and crafts items etc. At the aftermath of the several economic crises, merchants are now tired of bargaining, and do not welcome it as much as they did in the past. If bargaining, however, don't expect (or request) a receipt because it is essentially the tax which is at the base of the price reduction. Do keep in mind that it is possible that a tax official may ask to see a receipt. If a requested receipt is not forthcoming, both the merchant and the customer are liable and may be required to pay penalties. At malls or at small specialty shops, receipts are regularly issued and should be requested if lacking. Many shops accept credit cards.
Returning merchandise is usually not permitted. Only some large chain stores accept exchanges. The policy of the store will either be posted or can be learned by asking store clerks.



  • Example of a receipt
    Example of a receipt