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There are several kinds of lodging available - hotels (both small and large international chains), motels (generally less expensive) and pensiones (along coastal areas). In spring and summer, it is a good idea to make hotel reservations in advance; pensiones advertise available rooms by putting a "room available" sign out. While hotels accept credit cards, pensiones do not. Breakfast is included in the hotel price automatically, but it is wise to check whether that is the case at motels and pensiones. In hotels, bathrooms are in the individual rooms while bathrooms are usually shared in pensiones; motels can go either way. Except for international chains, parking is not included. There are information booths that may help a traveler find lodging, but it is much better to get lodging information in advance.



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  • "single room"

  • "double room"

  • "...with bathroom"

  • "Is breakfast included in the price?"

  • "Is there parking?"

  • "How much does it cost?"

  • "Do you accept credit cards?"