Turkish in Turkey

Asking for Directions

Normally, passersby will happily give directions to strangers. A map is useful since directions tend to be given in relation to local landmarks. It is not uncommon for people to offer to walk with you to your destination especially if they are heading the same way (or even if they are not). Most tourist areas have a tourist information center open until late afternoon. Often these centers are located in the historic districts. They will provide information on lodging, food, and tourist attractions. Brochures and information pamplets may be available at the information center; otherwise, the information clerk will verbally offer valuable information on lodging, sightseeing spots and current events. One can also visit a bookstore for maps and in-depth written information.



Click on the text to hear the spoken phrase.
  • "Excuse me"
    (when approaching someone)

  • "Where is"
    (the parking lot)

  • "Can you show me on the map?"

  • "left"

  • "right"

  • "go straight ahead"

  • "straight ahead"