Spanish in Mexico

Taking a Taxi

A line of white and red taxis parked along the side of the road

In big cities, taxicabs can generally be simply hailed on the street. In smaller towns, a traveler must go to a central location where taxis park. There are always plenty of taxis at bus terminals and airports.

In the cities, taxi companies can be recognized by the color of the cab. Passengers can sometimes bargain with the drivers, particularly if the cabs are red and white. Taxis painted other colors are for tourists or special services and might be more expensive. However, if these specialty cabs are not busy, they will also stop on the street to pick up passengers. It is recommended to inquire about and even negotiate all rates, since some taxi services are notably more expensive than others.

Taxis not only operate within their own cities or towns but also can be hired to travel between cities or towns. It is again recommended that the fare be negotiated before the trip begins. Many lively and enjoyable conversations take place between the driver and passenger. A tip is welcome but not expected.


  • "Signaling a Taxi"
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  • White and red taxi
    Taxis are usually painted white and red as in the first image
  • White and green taxi
    The second image shows a tourist taxi painted white and green. Tourist taxis are usually a different color from regular taxis. If they are available and in service, both types of taxi will stop to pick up passengers.