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Travel Between Cities

A woman talking to an attendant behind the counter at a bus station, asking to purchase a bus ticket

Travelers most commonly use the bus to get from urban areas to rural areas and other cities. Tickets can be purchased either in the small office at the terminal or on the bus. Round-trip tickets are generally not sold. There are a number of bus lines that use the same terminal in each city or town. One should ask residents which lines are the best.

Local residents use inter-city buses as a means of transportation from town to town, and often from one destination to another in the same town. The older and less expensive buses that go to the small villages and towns also stop at certain unmarked points. (The people who live in the area usually know where these stops can be found.) Express buses are available for those who wish to save time. These are fewer, and the fare is considerably higher; however, lunch may be included in the price. Some lines allow passengers to reserve their seats days in advance.

Buses tend to be modern and clean, and movies are shown on longer trips. Food and beverages are sold at the terminals. At various local stops, vendors will board the bus to sell food. It is important to have some change with you at the terminals, since the restrooms requires coins.

For the most part, trains are not used for daily travel but more for sightseeing and charters.

Taxicabs can also be hired to travel between cities and towns. However, it is important to negotiate the fare before starting the trip.


  • "Buying Bus Tickets at the Terminal"
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  • Entrance to a bus station (with handicap sign)
    Entrance to a bus station (with handicap sign)