Spanish in Mexico

Banks and Money Exchange

Banks and ATMs can be found almost anywhere. ATMs are usually found right outside the bank and in other accessible locations such as the mall or near shopping centers. Some ATMs accept cards from other banks as well as VISA, CIRRUS and other credit networks. ATMs have a limit on the amount of cash they dispense. To withdraw more than the limit, one must go to a bank teller in a central branch.

Money and travelers checks can be exchanged in most banks with proper identification, usually a passport or other official identification. There are also money exchange agencies that can change most European and North American currencies to pesos for a limited cost. It is common for the rate of exchange to be better at money exchange agencies. Travelers checks must be exchanged at banks.

Today, Mexico has many foreign-owned banks or local banks that have agreements with American banks. It can be helpful to research these agreements, to see if it is possible to access an American account through a local Mexican bank.

Many places such as large supermarkets, clothing stores, some travel agencies, and bus lines accept credit cards. It is important to know that there is often a substantial surcharge when a credit card is used.


  • A bank
    A bank
  • ATM sign
    Sign for an ATM
  • A money exchange
    A money exchange office
  • An ATM
    Entrance to an ATM area