Spanish in Mexico

Household Goods

Malls and supermarkets are good places to find items such as clothing, home appliances, and school supplies. Bookstores are plentiful throughout the city and malls. To find electrical, art or office supplies, furniture or musical instruments, one must find specialty stores. For crafts, food and clothing specific to the region, one may shop at the open market called "tianguis", which sells traditional crafts, dresses, guitars, and toys that have been hand-made in different areas of the state. Bartering is appropriate at these markets. At the "tianguis", a shopper can also look for used items (clothes, repair tools), imported electronics, CD/tape players, blank tapes and CDs, and music of all kinds. These markets have a festive air about them and are enjoyed by both residents and tourists alike.



  • A flea market
    A flea market
  • Distant view of mall
    Distant view of shopping mall
  • A mall
    A shopping mall
  • Street vendors
    Street vendors in the city center