Spanish in Mexico

The Post Office

Signs inside post office promoting the national package service called 'Mexpost'

Mail service in Mexico is for the most part reliable, although it is not recommended to send valuable objects or money. Private agencies like DHL can be used to send valuables, which will be delivered in a shorter period of time.

Central post offices sell stamps and send packages, but they also receive telegrams and transfer money. Stamps are only for sale at post offices, and stamped letters can be sent from the post office or left in mailboxes throughout the city.

To send a letter, one must have the zip code and neighborhood name. If the zip code is not available, the neighborhood name should be enough. This is a sample of how an address would be written to send a letter within Mexico:
Agustín Sanchez
Matamoros #14
Col. Independencia
C.P. 75050
Pátzcuaro, Mich.

"C.P." is the equivalent of "Código Postal" or zip code.
"Col." is the abbreviation of "colonia" or region.
"Mich." is the abbreviation for the state of Michoacán


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