Spanish in Mexico


In Mexico, the work and school schedule starts on Monday and finishes on Friday or occasionally Saturday. Since Mexican culture is linked to Catholicism, holidays are often the same as religious dates. The following are some of the most important dates: 

January 1st -New Year's Eve
January 6th - Three Kings Day
February 2nd- Day of the Candelaria
February 24th- Mexican Flag Day
March 18th- Nationalization of Oil
April 30th- Children's Day
May 1st- Labor Day
May 5th- Battle of Puebla
May 10th- Mother's Day
September 16th- Independence Day
September 30th- Birth of José Maria Morelos
November 1st- Day of the Holy Innocents
November 2nd- Day of the Dead
December 12th- Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe
December 24th-Christmas

Other saints' days are celebrated, varying from place to place.