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A hotel

Lodging in the cities ranges from five star hotels to small motels. Hotels in the center of town are usually colonial style and have moderate prices. However, in tourist towns such as Guanajuato, downtown hotels can be very expensive. These hotels usually have their own restaurants, rooms with TV, and bathrooms equipped with towels and soap. Some five-star hotels can be found downtown, but most are located far from downtown to avoid crowds and traffic, or in areas such as mountain passes where tourists can have a panoramic view of the city. Less expensive hotels tend to be within walking distance from cultural centers and markets.

"Posadas" are the least expensive places to stay. For the most part they are clean, have running water and sometimes TV and a small restaurant. Youth hostels are not as popular but can still be found in many places. Tourist information centers can provide directions to hostels. Smaller towns also have hotels and "posadas". For a small daily fee, camping is allowed in most natural resorts, lakes and waterfalls. Although camping areas are reasonably safe, it is better to camp in or close to a permanent tourist camp.


  • "Asking the Receptionist for Information"
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  • Hotel information board
    Information board for Hotel Catedral
  • Cafe outside of hotel
    Cafe outside hotel in the city center