Spanish in Mexico


Inside a movie theater

During the weekend in the cities, young people like to go out to clubs, while older people go to restaurants, bars or cafes to chat with friends. Nightclubs in Mexico vary. Most play pop music, but some also play underground rock or drum-and-bass types of music. The drinking age is 18, and the cover charge and minimum age vary with the club. Some clubs host local bands for special performances, but on most nights there is a DJ.

In smaller towns, folk music is more prevalent. On Friday and Saturday nights, there are dances in discos, while on Sunday, townspeople gather in the main plaza to hear traditional Mexican music.

There are also “centros botaneros” (snack bars) where people go after work to eat and drink. "Centros botaneros" usually have TVs, and on Sundays people gather there to watch football games. On weekdays, snack bars may sometimes have live musicians.

Cafes are also a popular destination, particularly those located in the main square. Although cafes are visited mostly by adults, high school and university students also enjoy going out for coffee.
Watching movies is one of the most popular pasttimes. Since movie theaters are very expensive, many prefer watching rented movies at home with family or friends. Malls are also popular because there is usually a movie theater, restaurants and store windows to browse while eating ice cream.

There are often theater and dance performances, for which students can usually get discounts. During the weekend, swimming is available at nearby resorts. On Sunday, some attend the stadium to watch the soccer match, while others watch at home. Young adults like to hang out in squares or get together to chat, eat and drink at the houses of friends. Visiting other villages on day trips is also a popular past time for the weekends.