Spanish in Mexico


A pay phone

Pay phones are easily found in public spaces such as the plaza, bus stations, gas stations, and street corners. Most pay phones require phone cards, although coins can still be used in phones sometimes found in restaurants and small stores. Phone cards are sold in pharmacies, magazine stands, small stores and supermarkets, and come in units of 30 and 50 pesos.

In cities and towns, there are small shops where there are as many as five telephones and a hired operator. It is possible to both make and receive calls at these centers. At the end of a call, the customer is presented with a bill, which is paid in cash. This method is often less expensive than a pay phone.

Home telephone service allows a specific number of calls. Once the limit has been reached, 2 pesos are charged for each new call. There are only a few international service companies. The service most commonly used is TELMEX, the national phone company.


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