Spanish in Ecuador

Local Transportation

A bus sign

Local bus lines fall into several different categories. Each varies in price as well as quality of travel. The fancier buses will be less crowded and cost a little more, even while traveling many of the same routes as the other buses. All buses tend to be clean since, although working for similar companies, each bus is owned by its driver. Tickets are sold on the bus for the first class buses. Otherwise, a passenger pays with change upon entering. Bus routes are posted on the front glass, and there is always a man at the door calling out the route at every stop.

Some cities feature trolleys, which are often the most efficient way to travel into the heart of the city’s downtown since one avoids spending time stuck in traffic. The city of Quito has two electric trains, the "Ecovía" (a more ecological train) and the Trolebus; both travel from one side of the long city to the other.

When traveling in close quarters, particularly on buses, a traveler is advised to pay close attention to personal belongings since theft is a significant problem.



  • Trolley sign
    Trolley and bus stop signs
  • Bus stop sign
    Trolley and bus stop signs