Spanish in Ecuador

Household Goods

A clothing stall in a market

Ecuadorians generally find whatever items they need at the malls, which are comprised of a combination of international chains and small independently owned stores. Every city and town also has an open market, frequently in operation 7 days a week, where traditional paintings and sculpture, jewelry, hammocks, and clothing are sold. There are usually many opportunities to get extraordinary, handmade items at very good prices.

Otavalo, otherwise known as “Market City,” is exactly what its name denotes: a city comprised of markets that sell anything one could possibly want to buy. Markets in Otavalo are open daily, except for the largest market, which is open on Sundays.

Large pharmacies often serve as convenience stores since many of them have an array of merchandise in addition to medicines. As well, there are small stores and shops in the smaller city neighborhoods. The rule of thumb is that prices are always lower outside of the city.