Spanish in Argentina

At the Airport

A person at an airport counter

Airports in Argentina offer the usual amenities: restaurants, shops, money exchange bureaus and travel agencies. Buses, taxicabs, mini-buses and hotel shuttles service the airports. Ample parking is available for those traveling by car.
Travelers need to be aware that there is a prevalence of unregistered taxicabs operated by petty criminals. If it is necessary to take a cab to one’s destination, one must hire the cab at a legitimate taxi-stand inside the airport. Hiring one of the many random, non-registered cabs waiting outside of the airport puts one at risk of having personal belongings stolen and even of possible bodily harm. In all situations, one must keep close track of luggage so that it is not appropriated and taken to a waiting, unregistered cab.

There is a travel tax (of around $20.00) to be paid in cash when leaving the country.


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