Spanish in Argentina

Local Transportation

A green bus

Most city dwellers use the bus to get around the city. Routes tend to be extensive, and buses run with great frequency. To find the right bus, one must ask passersby or perhaps a shopkeeper near the bus stop. In Buenos Aires, one pays the bus driver, whereas in some other cities, it is necessary to buy tokens or bus cards sold at kiosks or booths on the street. Buses are generally safe; however, one should be alert for pickpockets. It is, as in every city, necessary to use common sense and pay attention to belongings.

In Buenos Aires, the subway is also a popular form of transportation. Again, one needs to ask on the street for the correct line to a chosen destination, and occasionally a combination of subway and bus will be necessary. Tokens are sold at the subway entrance. Although subways are relatively safe, one should not travel alone at night.