Spanish in Argentina


An emergency exit sign

Emergency numbers are posted in all phone booths. Since many pay phones don’t function, it is best to be equipped with a cell phone.

The public hospitals in Argentina are fairly inexpensive and require a co-payment of only a few dollars. The hospitals may have long lines and are often short of materials but tend to be clean and relatively efficient nonetheless. Ambulance services tend to be fast and reliable. Private general clinics, which also provide ambulance services, are available to those who pay a monthly fee for healthcare. In many cases, a job's benefits include an affiliation to a private clinic. There are also private clinics that specialize in the treatment of specific illnesses.

In the case of a crime, immediately call the police. As in all cities, one must practice normal vigilance and common sense. Travelers must take particular care when hailing a taxicab. Vendors will try to lure people into unregistered cabs and the results can be both costly and highly dangerous. Be certain to enter only taxicabs that are clearly owned by a nationally known, reputable taxicab company.