Spanish in Argentina


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There is a lively club scene in Argentina, particularly in the cities, where clubs open at around 11:00 p.m. and close at around 6:00 a.m. Both Argentine and American music are played in the clubs. There is no drinking age in Argentina. A foreigner going to a club should use common sense: it is important to be familiar with the neighborhood, to not travel alone at night, and preferably to be in the company of Argentine friends.

Cinema is a favorite pastime, both at the theater and at home. At movie theaters, one can find Argentine, European and American films. Renting videos to watch at home in the company of friends is also a common form of entertainment, particularly on weekends.

Cultural life in Argentina is enriched by the many museums, art galleries, and national and international troupes that perform theater or dance. Beaches provide a fine vacation destination, and there are numerous casinos and theaters in Mara del Plata, the city on the sea. As much as there is a lively social and cultural scene around Mara del Plata, there are no lack of deserted beaches for those wishing a quieter vacation.

Soccer is by far the beloved sport of Argentina, and there are many national leagues as well as the international team. As in many countries, life pretty much comes to a halt during the World Cup, particularly if Argentina is participating. Rugby and basketball are the other two favorite sports to both watch and play.