Serbian in Serbia

Public Transportation

Belgrade has approximately 50 routes for buses, trolleys and trams. The majority are for buses, which are the most widely used form of transportation. Bus companies are both publicly and privately owned. Public buses tend to reach destinations more quickly, since they are not focused on the volume of passengers. In other cities, there are generally between five and ten bus routes throughout the city. Bus stops post the numbers of the buses that stop there; however, this is not always enough information for foreigners. It is perfectly acceptable to ask a passerby questions about the best line to take to reach a specific destination.

On both public and private buses, one may pay on the bus. Fare for either is very inexpensive. For all public transportation, it is possible for students, workers and senior citizens to obtain a pass with the proper I.D. Passes can either be bought near the main square of the city or at the final stop of any line.

Trolleys and trams are used only in Belgrade with approximately 10 routes for each. The trolleys are both publicly and privately owned, whereas the trams are public. One can either purchase a pass or pay the conductor on the train. A fairly new subway system runs from Belgrade to the small suburbs on the outskirts of the city. Since the system is new there are relatively few stops. Tickets are sold near the subway steps.



  • Local transportation tickets
    Local transportation tickets