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Travel Between Cities

The bus and the train are the primary means of travel between cities. The bus is more often used, simply because there are more of them. Air transportation is also used increasingly. Bus tickets for shorter (domestic) distances are sold at the bus station and even on the bus itself. Bus tickets for longer (international) distances are sold in travel agencies. Train tickets are bought exclusively at the railway station. For both buses and trains, reservations might have to be purchased separately in advance. Especially during the summer vacation season it is sensible to buy reservations at least a week in advance. During the rest of the year, one can usually get tickets the same day.

It is best to bring some food and water when traveling by train and bus. There is a restaurant on the train, but sometimes it only offers drinks. Buses make food stops, but the bus drivers decide when and where to stop. There rarely are restrooms on the buses, but the drivers make occasional stops at highway rest areas that might charge a small fee. It is sensible to bring toilet paper along, because the rest areas might not have it. There are restrooms on the trains, though bringing toilet paper is still advisable. Travelling by bus and train is reasonably safe. Traveling by bus is considered safer than the train, but in general, the safety level is similar to that of the U.S. One should employ common sense and be cautious with money and valuables.


  • Train station in Belgrade
    Train station in Belgrade
  • Ticket counter in train station
    Ticket counter in train station