Serbian in Serbia

Where to Shop

Shopping centers are buildings of four to five stories, filled with individually owned shops as well as a few European chain boutiques. One goes to these mini-malls to find clothing, shoes, makeup and perfumes, toys and gifts, less expensive jewelry, books, and wireless products. Bookstores sell stationery supplies as well as books. Other electronic products, computers, and furniture are found at much larger stores and outlets. Some Serbian cities feature a pedestrian zone (a street blocked to traffic) in the central downtown area.

There is generally one small mall per city, although there are more than that in Belgrade. In the smaller towns, there are assorted, independent shops in the center. In every city and town there are outdoor markets that sell everything from packaged food, cosmetics, leather and electronic equipment, to clothes, books and shoes. These markets are generally open six days per week from approximately 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. When shopping, one should always be prepared to pay cash; although for more expensive items, stores will often accept several post-dated checks that can be deposited over a period of months.