Serbian in Serbia


Movies are popular in Belgrade, a city known for getting the latest American and European films. Of the twenty or so movie theaters in the city, three or four are modern and show between three to six films at once, but the majority of the theatres are charming, old and small.

Live music ranges from jazz festivals to concerts of classical, traditional Serbian, and gypsy music. A variety of clubs feature dance music, jazz, alternative/rock and techno music. These clubs cater to age groups ranging from the under twenty crowd to baby boomers. Cafés sometimes have live music and serve both coffee and alcohol.

Dance is a large part of the culture, and performances range from ballet to modern to traditional folk dancing. As well, there is a thriving visual art scene with plenty of museums and galleries open year round.

Sports provide a major source of national recreation. Each city has at least one athletic club which organizes professional teams in soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and handball. These teams then compete with other national teams and often play internationally. The club itself is both the facility where teams practice and where Serbs then watch the competitions. There are approximately fifteen such clubs throughout the country.