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Local Transportation

A subway entrance at the corner of a sidewalk, with a blue sign indicating the station name

Local transportation in Germany is highly efficient and widely used. It includes buses, trams (Strassebahn), underground railways (U-Bahn), and commuter rail (S-Bahn). In rural areas, in addition to local buses, there are school buses for children which additional passengers are allowed to board.

Tickets can be bought from a machine at the stop, or from a larger newspaper vendor but not a kiosk. Travel passes are valid for all types of transportation, including commuter rail. One normally buys bus tickets from the driver of the bus. Schedules are posted on-line or available at a transit agency. They also appear in the newspaper at the beginning of every new schedule period.

Trains and underground railways usually include routes from the cities to the suburbs. The last stop is usually at a bus station where one can connect to lines that travel to more rural areas.


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