Swahili in Tanzania

Saying Goodbye

Verbal goodbyes are quite straightforward and similar to the English version. When a guest departs from a home, it is customary for the host to escort the guest out at least to the gate of the home, the main door of the building, or the end of the host's property. To not escort a guest this far would be rude and would indicate that the host was anxious for the guest to depart. Often, especially among younger people, a host will escort the guest even further than required by the rules of etiquette -- for example to a main road, a bus stop, or some other landmark. Some guests will ask to be escorted further either because they wish to keep talking or because they are unfamiliar with the territory.



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  • ""Goodbye.""
    (formal and informal)
  • ""We'll meet again.""
    (formal and informal)
  • ""See you later.""